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Topic: Looking for Gofriller Cello

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    Looking for Gofriller Cello

    Hey friends,

    I've never posted to the forum before, but I've been an observer for quite some time.

    I was wondering if anyone is looking to part with their Gofriller cello. I've been floored by Garritan's instrument and am looking to see if anyone has a used copy they are willing to sell. PM me or contact me through my website (www.gabegibitz.com) if you're interested.



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    Re: Looking for Gofriller Cello

    Hey, Gabe, welcome to the forum. I hope you can get into the musical flow here really soon.

    This is the wrong place to look for a second-hand Strad or Gofriller. We're just too in love with them to part with them.

    That begin said, I found my Strad and Gof second-hand by posting a WTB over at KVR. Probably more to be had...

    Good luck, and hope to hear from you again soon!

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    Re: Looking for Gofriller Cello

    Good luck with your search. I found an unregistered copy on Ebay, of all places. I LOVE it... right now I'm controlling it with a Morrision Digital Trumpet. There are some limitations... I'm having a bit of trouble using wind control to get just the right attack (tends to be too staccato), but I LOVE the vibrato control and the expressiveness of breath control of volume. Portamento has also been a problem on the MDT... the usual portamento function control doesn't seem to do anything with the program. I'm using the Gofriller with Kontakt 3.5 player... easy!


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    Re: Looking for Gofriller Cello

    Hey, Pat,

    Yeah, the CC controls on the Gofriller are a bit non-standard compared to the rest of Garritan products, aren't they? I've only played around with the Automatic Mono Legato/Poly mode, but it seems that portamento in this mode is completely the domain of the key velocity, and the lower the velocity, the slower the portamento. Really high velocities result in a nice legato with no discernable port.

    This makes it hard for me to control with a wind controller. The quieter I play, the more portamento I get. You could probably make it work with some sort of MIDI converter, like MIDIOx, but I don't know. Converting a CC to note on velocity might be beyond the capabilties of any commercial program right now.

    If you come up with a solution, let us know!

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    Re: Looking for Gofriller Cello

    "...portamento in this mode is completely the domain of the key velocity..."

    That's exactly right, Rob. Both The Gofriller and The Strad were programmed in ways completely different from GPO and the other Garritan libraries. They're very different kinds of beasts, in a different domain.

    So, Pat - the usual Portamento control isn't meant to have any control over these solo string instruments. It's all done with contrasting velocity values.

    The Cello ended up being more easily controlled than The Strad, but they both work basically the same way. I don't think either one especially lends itself to wind controllers. They're tricky enough to control with a keyboard. Even though the video demos that used to be up (still found on You Tube I think) make live playing look very possible, I don't think too many people are actually playing these totally in real time.

    I do even more recording passes with these than GPO and the rest. First I record just notes, not worrying if my velocities are off here and there, then volume via CC11, then vibrato via CC1 - then LOTS of editing in the Piano Roll View of Sonar since I find it impossible to get the velocity values I want relying only on my real-time playing. Most passages you'll want at high velocities - and that's not effecting the volume at all, only the amount of Port between notes. Most passages need to start with a low velocity note followed by strings of notes at high velocity, letting yourself use low velocity notes only occasionally to get that characteristic string glide. Too much of that and it gets too soupy of course.

    You can get fantastic results from both The Gofriller and The Strad - they also help add realistic detail to group instrument patches in GPO.


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    Re: Looking for Gofriller Cello

    Any other places to look other than eBay and kvr? I'll check those places in the meantime. What price do they usually go for?

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    Re: Looking for Gofriller Cello

    Permeo, I wish you luck on getting a copy of The Gofriller. There's just no way of predicting where and when one will show up, and what price it'll have. I'm sure you've Googled it - if you haven't, do that. Some time ago I wanted to find a discontinued software program, managed to find a music store in some obscure town which had a dusty copy still on their shelf. - That could happen, some store could have some old stock!

    I suggest you also put The Strad on your shopping-for-rare software list. I got that library first, feeling I'd more often need a lead violin than a cello - But of course I was glad to get the cello also a bit later.

    Best of luck!


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    Re: Looking for Gofriller Cello

    Does Garritan allow for license transfer? I wouldn't mind selling mine, but only if it's legit.

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    Re: Looking for Gofriller Cello

    They sure do. I hear it's easy to do!

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    Re: Looking for Gofriller Cello

    Quote Originally Posted by loydb View Post
    Does Garritan allow for license transfer? I wouldn't mind selling mine, but only if it's legit.
    I recall this coming up a few times on the Forum. I think using the contact form at the main site could get a request to the right people:


    Randy B.

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