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Topic: How many Gigasamplers are you running?

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    Re: How many Gigasamplers are you running?

    I have no problem using just one machine for GS. I might run out of poly, but I believe most of the time I know what I am doing, so I am only pleasantly surprised when I finally do the mixdown

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    Re: How many Gigasamplers are you running?

    I\'m running everything on one PC (PIII 733MHz, 256MB RAM). This includes Cubase VST/32 and Gigasampler 1.62. Gigasampler, as I understand it, isn\'t very RAM intensive since it streams samples from the hard drive rather than storing them in RAM. Therefore, it makes sense to dedicate a separate hard drive to Gigasampler, but I haven\'t found the need to dedicate an entire PC to it yet. This may be different depending on your circumstances and what you intend to do with it. I\'m using GS mostly for drums and bass. If you\'re loading all 16 GS channels with complex instruments and throwing tons of MIDI data at it while running a sequencer/hard disk recording program, you may need another PC. All I can say is give it a shot and see what happens before you invest in another PC (or 2, or 3, or whatever).

    I have an 18GB SCSI drive dedicated to Cubase audio and another 18GB SCSI drive dedicated to Gigasampler instruments. So far so good - you can really hear the GS drive working to stream the samples - I have to wonder what this does to its projected life span!

    If you intend to run a digital recording program (especially Cubase) along with GS on the same PC, you\'ll need a digital audio interface (sound card) with multiclient drivers so that GS and the audio program can share the card\'s resources - just something to consider when putting it all together.


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    Re: How many Gigasamplers are you running?

    I am looking to do orchestral pieces using the new Gary G lib, maybe some choral, lots of percussion and piano in there... still only one machine required??? Hmm... interesting...

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    Re: How many Gigasamplers are you running?

    If you are only doing sequencing and not hard disk audio recording, and you can create your pieces using a max of 16 instruments (brass on one channel, strings on another, percussion on another, piano...) and 16 MIDI channels, then I\'d give it a shot with one PC first and see if it works out for you. Since you\'re buying new machines, they should have pretty good specs (fast processors, lots of RAM, big/fast hard drives, fast buses, etc.). Since hard drive performance will be very important to you, I\'d go SCSI - not because they are faster than new IDE drives, but because they are more efficient from a system resources standpoint and aren\'t as succeptable to interfence from other system components (no IRQ sharing or bus traffic issues, etc.). You don\'t want interference from other system components causing glitches in your sample streaming. Also, store your GS intruments on a separate drive from your system drive which houses your program files and operating system. This should provide you with adequate performance for GS. Good luck!

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    Re: How many Gigasamplers are you running?

    One (high end machine) is fine, get a midi port with 2-4 ports, keep in mind GS can use up to 4 ports, so you could have 64 channels if you needed it. Keep the sequencer on another dedicated machine and you should be off and running.

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    How many Gigasamplers are you running?

    Out of interest, how many PCs running Gigasampler are you guys running out there?
    Do you find that you can put together entire compositions on 1,2,3+ PCs running 160 gigasampler, or have some of you managed to make do with just one? Obviously this is very dependent on style etc. etc.
    Just interested, since am thinking of upgrading and wondered whether to bargain with Dell for multiple PCs.
    I\'m assuming we are talking dedicated PCs for Gigastudio here, running a sequencer on a separate box...

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