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Topic: A snippet of my newest (master)piece...using it for a TV ad...Muhahaha Garritan Rules

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    A snippet of my newest (master)piece...using it for a TV ad...Muhahaha Garritan Rules

    This piece is called Kissing the Countess. It's the ad music for a musical based in 1970's Florence where a struggling yet aspiring Opera singer finds herself in a love affair with her neighbour who happens to be a good for nothing, drug abusing disco fanatic. Getting nowhere with her singing due to lack of public interest, she decides to embrace disco, Opera style.

    This piece is ALL JABB2 except for the strings and timpani.
    The trumpets are HEAVILY tweaked and scripted, and so are the drums (which is the Fusion drum kit...you wouldnt say....
    I used 7 trumpets, 4 trombones, Upright bass 2, Fusion drum kit. all from JABB2
    Strings are a mixture between the real thing and a custom lib.
    Timpani is from projectSAM
    Orchestral percussion is some old custom soundfonts converted into .nki and scripted.

    I am also in the process of writing some tutorials on how to make JABB as 'real' as it gets. Will upload some scripts at a time too

    Hope you guys enjoy! Had fun making it so far...


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    Re: A snippet of my newest (master)piece...using it for a TV ad...Muhahaha Garritan R

    Sounds good, dynamic, natural, although the drums are mixed too loud to my taste, and sound too much centred and a bit muffled, as if you EQ'd out bass and treble frequenceis. The brass is pretty good, even the stabs, and string lines are very disco indeed, but they could sound a bit stronger in relation to the drums. But it's a nice, dynamic, groovy piece!
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