As a piano player and passionate sample user I realised that the new (respectively upgraded) pianos from Galaxypianos haven´t got the attention they deserve in the forums I decided to start a topic to enhance your attention a little bit.
First of all I must say I´m a bit biased as I had the possibility to be a betatester for Galxy II as well as the new released Vintage D piano.
My major intention for this post though is that I REALLY love the sound and tweakability of the Galaxy pianos.
The Steinway Vintage D is a new product with an excellent sample of a warm and full bodied Steinway D grand piano. The library is optimised for the K4 ( free player and full version)which means that loading the samples is much faster and more efficient. I had no problems at all with my MacBook Pro and an external FW-disk even when playing sustained arpeggios and chords.
The sound is what you expect from an OLD Steinway D warm and rich but not muddy. I would say it´s perfect for Jazz and romantic classical music rather than Pop and Rock´n Roll.
The GUI is very intuitive with all major controls easily accessible (ranging from tonal controls to adding features like una corda samples and halfpedalling as well as resonance samples). Convolution reverb samples are included with the small chamber being my favourite.
Additionally (as already the case with the Galaxy II pianos) you can add some nice pads as well as make the piano go crazy using the warp function)
There are quite a few presets with very useful settings (I personally like the intimate preset as well as the vintage pop piano sound which is pretty much compressed as it was typical for 70ties pianos)
The (old) Galaxy II pianos have undergone a major GUI polishing which is now exactly the same as the Vinatge D. That means that all the features I mentioned before are there for the Galaxy II pianos. It´s optimised for K4 meaning that loading samples is much more efficient (e.g. loading una corda samples is only done when you activate the una corda button).
The sound is basically the same as the old GII though the samples have been polished and denoised (Couldn´t hear much of a difference myself though)
The new GUI is what makes it a major update as tweaking the piano is now a piece of cake (and definitely worth it as you can change the character of all the 3 pianos substantially).
Additionally, you can now buy the 3 pianos separately as a download though it would be a tough decision for me which one to choose (I´m a sample addict)
One of my prefered pianol ibraries will stay the Bluethner Model One from ProAudioVault and I have some special sample libraries like the ones from ImperfectSamples and from Hans Adamson which are great if you need some special character like a (slightly imperfect) upright piano.
The Galaxy pianos really shine through their tweakability and playability coupled with an excellent sound and will become the pianos I probably will use most in solo piano projects.
End of "promotion", but as I mentioned before: I have the feeling that these excellent pianos haven´t got the attention tehy deserve hence my post
Best regards