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Topic: Fix Disk Loss in JABB3 = Increase the DYN MAX Value

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    Lightbulb Fix Disk Loss in JABB3 = Increase the DYN MAX Value

    ARIA's memory handling has never been before a matter of attention because ARIA dynamically recycles the RAM it uses depending on current usage. It fared well will all previous libraries including Steinway and GPO4.

    Now that JABB3 is out, it appears that its more advanced Ensembles
    (which require more RAM), give the _default settings_ of ARIA a nice 'challenge'

    Which is why there is a need for more explanation from us as to the RAM settings of ARIA.

    Basically ARIA does this:

    Each time you load an instrument it will reserve RAM for the pre-caching
    of the first block of samples of each sound.
    (nothing new here, this is how streaming samplers works)

    Then if you play that instrument, its going to stream and fetch the rest of the file and place each block into NEW ram slots.

    However ARIA will start recycling RAM previously used by other instruments
    as soon as the RAM it requires is greater or equal to the DYN_MAX value in the settings tab.

    *** The DYN_MAX value is global for all instances of ARIA in a Host!! ***

    Since we didn't want ARIA to steal all memory available to the host, which could have severe repercussions for other sample libraries over which ARIA has absolutely no control, we had to put "play nice" limits in there.

    *** DYN_MAX ALSO includes the RAM required for pre-caching. ***

    The current reported problem with JABB users is this (and this includes all ARIA builds including

    A)User load a JABB3 Ensemble which sets DYN_MAX to 512 and loads all the sounds.

    B)Then load a GPO4 Ensemble which RESETS DYN_MAX to 256.

    Users tries to play an instrument in the JABB3 set, and all voices die.
    DYN_MAX (256 or 512 MB of RAM) is all reserved for caching and nothing else can stream (disk loss gauge start to go wild)

    SO, if you use lots of ensembles, here's what you can do.

    1)Load all ensembles you need, then in any ARIA Player, check the DYN_MAX Setting, and raise it to 512MB (Future ARIA builds will have more options)

    2)Save your project.


    4)Go to the Aria PLayer info tab (any instance)... if RAM TOTAL is already very close to 512MB, then sadly you will have to unload instruments if you want to proceed.

    In the future: 32bits and 64bit versions of ARIA will have different options for power users who want to deal with ram the way they like.
    Say allocate enough memory so that an entire Orchestra can fit in RAM, and even have space for Steinway, and never ever stream again....
    Max Deland
    Plogue Art et Technologie, Inc.

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    Re: Fix Disk Loss in JABB3 = Increase the DYN MAX Value

    Has this been addressed yet? Having a GLOBALLY imposed limit for the HOST is VERY limiting. I'm on Windows 7 x64 with 8GB RAM and I need to be able run multiple instances of ARIA in order to load all my instruments and as of now, I cannot work because of this limit. I want to control how much of my system RAM is used.

    What is the latest on this important issue?

    Please update us!

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