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Topic: Samples "poping and stopping" in Finale

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    Question Samples "poping and stopping" in Finale


    I have GPO4 on Finale 2009 (and am quite satisfied with both), but I'm having a few issues:

    When I'm playing back music in finale the Garritan instruments will randomly make a popping sound after a few seconds (like a snare or a bass drum sound, even if the instrument is a harp) and then just stop as though the sample can only sustain for a few short seconds. I've tried reloading the instruments, starting the score completely over, and using the "normal" versions of the instruments, and nothing seems to be working. It doesn't do this in stand-alone version either, and the problem got worse when I downloaded the aria updates. It would be much appreciated if I could get some help with this issue as the annoyance causes my eyes to do this.

    Thank you

    Oh, and if it helps, I don't have a MIDI keyboard attached to my computer.

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    Zacharias Paul Gustav Büchner

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    Re: Samples "poping and stopping" in Finale

    Hello Zac,

    My first question is, does your computer meet the recommended minimum requirements for running GPO4? You can read this at the bottom of the following page:


    From your description this does sound rather like 'dropouts'. A very brief description of this is that your computer is unable to cope with the present demands being made on it and everything just stops.

    This is a similar problem to the post next to yours in this section; 'Extensive dropouts with JABB and Aria Player'. Except, of course, you have this when using Finale.

    If the problem is dropouts, the solution probably would be either:

    (a) Reduce your computer demands when processing your file by closing down all open progs running in the background. These can include your virus protection, internet connection, etc. Then increase the latency of your audio interface and try adjusting the buffer.

    (b) Increase your computer specs including some or all of a more powerful processor, add more memory, upgrade the sound card or MIDI interface etc.

    I'm not suggesting that dropouts is definitely what you have there, it just sounds like this could be the issue. Please post your computer specs including which soundcard/MIDI interface you are using etc.

    Hope this helps.
    Patience is a virtue, sensitivity is a gift

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    Talking Re: Samples "poping and stopping" in Finale

    Thanks, Mike.

    My computer does meet the minimum requirements but I don't remember what kind of sound-card my computer has. I know its Windows XP Professional with a Pentium 4. When I go to college next fall, I'll probably have something faster. But for now, I uninstall-ed GPO4 and Aria and reinstalled them (without the recent updates) and it seems to have solved the problem for now.

    Again, thanks for the help.

    Zacharias Paul Gustav Büchner

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    Re: Samples "poping and stopping" in Finale

    Welcome to the forum Zac. You said:

    Quote Originally Posted by ZacPB189
    I know its Windows XP Professional with a Pentium 4.
    I think I might know what your problem is. This is the same as my setup and believe it or not as soon as I disabled hyperthreading my "popping" problems went away. In case you don't know, you turn off hyperthreading in the BIOS.

    Give that a shot and see if it works for you. I think if we had true dual or quad core processors we'd be fine, but hyperthreading seems to be a different animal.

    I hope this solves your problem.

    Steve Winkler

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    Re: Samples "poping and stopping" in Finale

    I'm sorry, Steve, but what exactly is hyper-threading and how do I turn it off? (I'm not fluent in technological speak)

    Zacharias Paul Gustav Büchner

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    Re: Samples "poping and stopping" in Finale

    Hyper-threading was a precursor to dual cores I suppose.

    Anyway you have to reboot your machine and before windows starts you get into the BIOS. That could vary but usually holding down the Delete key or sometimes the Escape key gets you there. Hyper-threading is in one of the menus. The best thing to do is crack open the manual for your motherboard if you have one. If you don't, you could post some details about your computer and maybe we could do a bit of research for you.

    So to start with is your computer a "name brand" computer? If so, what make and model? If not, did you build it yourself and do you know the manufacturer and model of your motherboard?

    The answer to the last question is what I'm trying to get to.

    Steve Winkler

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