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Topic: the first Orchestra music?

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    the first Orchestra music?

    Hello, Everyone!
    I have studied harmony and orchestration for 2 months. And I tried to write my first orchestra music using Giga Studio.

    woodwind = AO
    brass = AO
    Strings = AO, Dan Dean
    Percussion = AO
    Harp and Timpani = GM500

    Let me know whatever you feel about music and use of giga studio.

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    Re: the first Orchestra music?

    [QUOTE]Originally posted by Ken-P:
    [B]Hello, Everyone!
    I have studied harmony and orchestration for 2 months. And I tried to write my first orchestra music using Giga Studio.

    Two months! Hey Wolfgang, slow down. I listened to it and thought it was delightful (especially the first part). Well done. If this is what you can do after two months study then you\'ve a great future in front of you. It was better than a lot of film scores I\'ve heard.

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    Re: the first Orchestra music?

    Where are you studying out of curiosity? Quite impressive for two months of learning...Your song\'s really good.

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    Re: the first Orchestra music?

    Just thought I\'d chime in with a superfluous comment (somewhat cross-related to some of the other threads).

    When I was at music college almost twenty years ago I went blue in the face trying to get them to buy a Fairlight, but they went and bought another five Steinways to cram in to the already stuffed practice rooms (bringing the total to maybe thirty or forty - I didn\'t count: Steinways are nice but three in a room?).

    Our creative friend shows us the real educational power of this technology. I studied orchestration but never once did I ever get to hear anything I \'orchestrated\' actually played by real, living humans.

    A gigasampler, a coupla CDs, and now you\'re off to the races. $600 or $1,000 is a big chunk of change for most of us, but we should bear in mind what we get for that. A whole bloody string section (that plays in tune!), a brass section (that stays sober) and no hoity-toity conductor to tell us how to play.

    I didn\'t order a copy of gigastudio to do any orchestrations. I just wanted to \'play\' piano and violin etc., on a guitar (Ztar). I had forgotten that once I too wrote stuff for large orchestras and Nemesys makes it possible to do it now on the ultra-cheap (god, now I\'ll have to budget for a sequencer as well).

    It\'s possible to get giga light for $60, giga 160 for less than $300 (with some creative upgrades). This means that you can have a drug-and-alcohol-free ensemble (present company excepted) at your beck and call 24 hours a day for for the rest of your life for about $500. You might not fool Donnie or Hans Zimmer but you\'ll fool your granny, no probs.

    You might even want to hop round to the nearest film school where the rich kids will give you a chance to get your name on something. Nemesys has ignited a music publishing revolution. (Can anybody really be arsed sticking a violin under their chins until they have calluses when the giga beckons?)

    It\'s evident here that it is in music where the Turing test will first be passed. Where a computer will fool everyone into thinking it\'s human (or humans).

    My god. After two months you get a chance to orchestrate? In my day (apart from me dad hitting us with broken bottles when he came home from the pub) you had to be a golden boy (or at least allow some kind of \'fiddling about\' from the lecturers) to even be allowed near a practice orchestra.

    I hope the folks at Tascam get it right.

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    Re: the first Orchestra music?

    Thank you for listening to my music and your advice.

    I will write about myself.
    I am a 20 year-old international student from Japan and my major is cinema. I have studied harmony and orchestration for 2 months by myself, using some books and CDs.

    I am not able to play any instruments well. Although I am able to play an piano little bit, if one or more accidental(s) appear, I am in trouble (*_*) . So I envy those who have good musical education.

    This music is my first orchestra-like music just for knowing what I could do. It took 2 hours to make this music.

    I know there are a lot of things that I have to know in order to make a real orchestra music. For example, I have not fully realized what each instrument can do yet. But thanks to giga studio, some CDs and technology, I will enjoy learning these.

    Although I have skipped all lunch and walked to college to save money in order to buy Giga studio and some CD for almost one year, those things worth doing so (^_^).

    Next semester, I am planing to take my first harmony class at my college (Santa Monica College). I hope it is fun. Music should be fun, right?

    ...Sorry my stupid English. \"Spell Check\" will not work...

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    Re: the first Orchestra music?

    I\'m impressed. I really like the japanese harmonic writing. I was going to speculate that you might come from Japan, but you beat me to it. Isn\'t orchestration the most fascinating art in the world?
    I\'m currently in my 3rd year of a 4 year long \"composing and arranging for orchestra\" study. It\'s great fun, if only they\'d pay some respect to the great composers of film music..

    Keep it up,

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    Re: the first Orchestra music?

    Did I miss a link?

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    Re: the first Orchestra music?

    KEN-P: It\'s very nice music! Such nice, romatic melody with AO, I didn\'t know that\'s possible. :-) Did you use AO strings (and other instruments) in native form, or did you alter them somehow? (changing attack, decay, release paramters etc., or editing waveforms?). How did you achieve the nice legato sound of strings in the beggining? (Default AO strings sounds very harsh in comparison to this sound)
    And which reverb device did you use? Globally, or for every isntrument different reverb type?
    Again, really great composition.

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    Re: the first Orchestra music?

    Ken-P, your piece sounds good. Keep at it!

    (I see the link now. I might be losing my mind.)

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    Re: the first Orchestra music?

    hey ken-p !!!nice music.
    any good book to read?

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