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Topic: Best sampled piano (3)

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    Best sampled piano (3)


    Here the 3 best sampled piano :

    1) Alicias keys :

    Great sound / Great programming
    sympathetic resonance work perfectly with repedalling and pedalup/down changes. Self masking/repetition : 100% ok
    This Yamaha sound like a Steinway B.

    2) Garritan Steinway :
    Great sound / Great programming
    sympathetic resonance work perfectly with repedalling and pedalup/down changes. Self masking/repetition : 100% ok

    3) Galaxy Vintage D :

    Great sound. But sympathetic resonance doesn't work if you press pedal down to pedal up with still undampered keys. Self masking/repetition doesn't work fine.

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    Re: Best sampled piano (3)

    Declaring a "best piano" is kind of like declaring a "best wife/husband". The response will always be, "for who?".

    If you can't tell, I am getting really tired of the "best" & "most playable" discussions. They've become as tiresome as declarations of the world's biggest number of layers and samples.


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    Re: Best sampled piano (3)

    I like this one:

    -> http://vsl.co.at/Player2.aspx?Lang=1&DemoID=5501




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    Re: Best sampled piano (3)

    Maybe a better title might be "here are 3 good ones that I like." There are so many new ones and good ones out there, that I doubt anyone could ever really say which is "best."

    I heard good things about the Alicia Keys one and the price is fairly cheap for what you get. On the synthtopia site, someone had posted a really long you tube review of it, and it sounded really good. Also, the sampling was done by Scarbee, who has a well deserved excellent reputation for high quality sampling.

    There's so many new ones coming out, who can keep track?

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    Re: Best sampled piano (3)

    Yes, it's just what i like :


    _ real staccato samples user for real release (for each velocity)
    _ good repetition with fx samples
    _ overtones pedal up and down...

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    Re: Best sampled piano (3)

    It sounds excellent. Does anyone else notice the occasional dropout though? (I'm referring to Torley's demo) Maybe he was pushing the disk too hard. (maybe the video grabbing taxes the system too!!)


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    Re: Best sampled piano (3)


    I've been listening to torleys demos too for a couple days and I really like it. And yes it seems like a great deal for under $100. I've only listened with cheap PC speakers so I am not sure of drop off sounds. I am glad to see the inclusion of more piano behaviors. So far three of my favorite of all the pianos I have are, The white grand by sampletekk and Kawai Ex pro by Acoustic samples and QL Pianos. But I would definitly be adding this to my collection in the near future. And also the Garritan steinway is another one I would like to get my hands on as well. One of the problems I am facing right now is my DAW is quite outdated and my latency settings are getting unacceptably annoying.

    Thanks for the post

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    Re: Best sampled piano (3)

    Torley actually acknowledges the clicks, right at the end of the review - I hadn't noticed that during the first listen. He does not put the blame on the video grabbing - just seems to think it is a taxing instrument.


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    Re: Best sampled piano (3)

    There's an interesting new you tube video with Herbie being brow beat by some marketing person into saying that he likes the new Alicia keys piano. I saw it over at the synthtopia site, I don't think I have permission to post links here.

    Anyway, he doesn't say that he dislikes it, and he seems to be impressed.

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    Re: Best sampled piano (3)

    For the Alicia's Keys, is there a way to lower "release samples" volume? I find them so loud.

    And i feel as if they (the release) are always in late. Were they programmed with a keyboard which has velocity release?
    If in the video, Alicia's Keys is played with a keyboard that doesn't manage velocity release (whereas it's programmed to be played with such a keyboard), that would explain why release sounds too exagerated.

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