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Topic: "Lite" versions of Garritan products

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    "Lite" versions of Garritan products

    What is lite about the Lite versions of Garritan products that are included other products (like Sibelius in my case)? Fewer instrument choices, I know, but what beyond that? Are the samples different?

    Obviously the player is different. Does Garritan require some level of player quality in order to use lite versions of its sample libraries?

    Just curious.


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    Re: "Lite" versions of Garritan products

    The lite versions of Garritan instruments I'm familiar with are "lite" in the sense of being a selection of instruments rather than the full list. Like the Garritan Pocket Orchestra that plays in Sonar's Dimension synth, the samples are the same, it's just a limited selection of instruments from GPO. BUT in the case of that Pocket Orchestra, the samples have been re-programmed to respond to CC11 for volume, rather than CC1.

    The instruments included for Sibelius are also the same samples - they're the notation versions so they can respond to data in Sib projects.

    Randy B.

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