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Topic: Distortion with Kontakt

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    Distortion with Kontakt

    I am using Kontakt as a mas plug in with Digital Performer. I am trying to trigger the battery drums using my Motif 8. When I sample the sounds on the left side of the program they sound awesome. As soon as I load instruments and try to play them with the keyboard however, I get distortion--almost as if they\'re not playing correct velocities. Could it be some issue with the MIDI settings or the motif keyboard. Can anyone advise me on settings that need to use. This is not even midi delay of any sort; the full samples don\'t seem to be playing.

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    Re: Distortion with Kontakt

    I think others are experienceing similar problems (see my post and tomhartman\'s post). I, too am using MAS with DP3 and got distortion, but of a different kind. Are you using the DFD?

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