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Topic: Film scoring software?

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    Film scoring software?

    Hey forum friends...

    I only have experience with Overture 4, so please excuse my ignorance, but...

    I'm curious to know if anyone knows of any software for Windows Vista that allows one to compose with a video file, so that I can see exactly how my music corresponds to the video while I'm composing? In other words, are there any sequencers that allow video integration (without having to buy separate software)?

    Many thanks!
    Sean Patrick Hannifin
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    Re: Film scoring software?

    You'll probably get LOTS of answers, and it kind of depends how precise you need to be.

    I would say Sonar is probably the best bet for windows. Finale has some limited video capabilities which might work as a sort of scratch pad.

    I think if you talk with Mac guys there are quite a few more options, some of which the pros use like Digital Performer being among the top of the list.

    Steve Winkler

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    Re: Film scoring software?

    most major sequencers, like cubase, nuendo, logic, digital perfomer, soner and protools can do that. Also, now major notation softwares like finale and sibelius can handle the video now.
    Kentaro Sato (Ken-P)

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    Re: Film scoring software?

    (Most of DAW software allow you to do that: Cubase, Sonar, Samplitude, Reaper. You can try reaper for a cheap but good option. However, if you want a nice score edition, you can try Cubase. Be aware that they would have some learning curve, since you are costumed to Overture, that is more intended for notation.)

    If you feel comfortable working with Overture, you can try Sync Overture with a video player. There are two vst plugins i know to do that, since Overture support vst plugins, you can make the try.
    One of them is this:
    It allow you to syncrhonize your score playing with Winamp, a music&video player.

    This other one only works with mpeg-1 video files:

    I never tried them with Overture, yes the first one with other program.

    Good luck!
    Marcelo Colina

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    Re: Film scoring software?

    Just about any audio/notation app with video import capability will do. SONAR and Sibelius are two apps to look at. Otherwise, if you're good at "spotting" you can use the SMPTE time code to determine where you want to put music, as well as where precisely to hit the timpani and crash cymbal when Indiana Jones makes that death-defying jump. Eventually, all of us aspiring film composers find ourselves relying on SMPTE for writing musical cues, so if having audio/notation software would help, you're free to choose whatever works best for you. Most producers and directors will be happy to go along with your choice to make your job easier.
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    Re: Film scoring software?

    Many thanks guys! I didn't realize there were so many options! I will be exploring these!
    Sean Patrick Hannifin
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    "serious music" ... as if the rest of us are just kidding

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    Re: Film scoring software?

    I use SONAR for this and have had very good luck. I tried Finale (09) but it really isn't set up for film scoring very smoothly yet.

    If you have a MAC I understand that Digital Performer is the best thing. I wish they made it for Windows!

    I rarely rely on SMPTE although I do burn a SMPTE window on the footage I am going to use just in case things get sticky. I worried so much about uber-precise timings and click tracks that I let it intimidate me into inaction. Once I got over that I have used a modified streamer and punch method.

    Randy Bowser was especially helpful in getting me up and running on some film scoring methods in SONAR. A quick search of this forum will probably find that thread, which includes a good description of the streamer and punch method I use. If I find the thread I'll edit this post and put it in.

    EDIT: Here it is -

    SONAR does not handle some video formats well. I use WMV or AVI formats and it seems to work well with those. I have not had good luck with MPEG-2 or MPEG-1. There are other compromises as well such as resizing the SONAR video screen to get the proper aspect ratio, but all in all I found SONAR to be flexible enough to do the job.
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    Re: Film scoring software?

    Quote Originally Posted by reberclark View Post
    I use SONAR for this and have had very good luck. I tried Finale (09) but it really isn't set up for film scoring very smoothly yet.
    I too use Sonar (v8.5PE) and for small-ish projects I find it to be decent. It helps (a lot) that I am comfortable with Sonar to start with<G>!

    I started out doing audio for video work with a Midiman Video Syncman, that let me burn a timecode window onto a tape and provided VITC support so I could lock to the tape. Needless to say, I do find current workflow to be far superior!

    One note, and I suspect it affects all tools, if you are using a lossy compression scheme you need to be aware of how the "key" frames are distributed!

    Quote Originally Posted by reberclark View Post
    If you have a MAC I understand that Digital Performer is the best thing. I wish they made it for Windows!
    DP is an amazing toolset, and I too wish it were available for Windows... or that I had the money for a Mac in the studio. If/when I eventually get a Mac DP will be my first purchase, followed closely by "M".

    Last thought... Vegas is a very powerful video editing tool, with better than average support for audio and some support for MIDI (as of the last version I used.) I would not want to do all my sequencing in Vegas (mostly because I am comfortable with Sonar) but for the final conform, or for spotting effects it is tough to beat on Windows.
    Bill Thompson
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    Re: Film scoring software?

    Hey Sean,

    I used to use Cakewalk Home Studio for this. It was very inexpensive and extremely useful. I think there is a new Sonar Home Studio now.

    For more information, check out www.jonathoncox.com/intro.html

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    Re: Film scoring software?

    Hey Sean

    It's weird, but I use several programs to score with. It depends upon the project and time/scheduling

    I usually start by making the lowest resolution version of the video possible. This frees my resources for music-making. The idea here for this step is focusing on the music, not the video quality.
    For doing the music, I start USUALLY with Finale - (which has video capability (quicktime)), but then I move the music (as a MIDI file) to a DAW to fine-tune the actual performance - all the while using the film as reference, (I've used Tracktion, Logic, Digital Performer and Cubase SX in this step, and while I have used Logic the most for this, I think DP is best).
    If I am scoring for someone else, I send them the WAV file of my finished project. If I am expected to marry my rendered score to the video, then I take the original high resolution version of the video and do this in Final Cut Pro. The export options of most of these DAWs for video is limited. On a Mac, if you have Quicktime Pro, you can export to any of a number of formats, but if not, you are limited quite a bit.

    Anyway - that is my process. I write better using score, but obviously you need to fine-tune things to SOUND as good as it looks, so a DAW is needed. If they ever make ONE app that does scoring as good as Finale (or Sibelius) AND have all the tweaking and fine-tuining abilities as a DAW, I'll be first to get it. Overture sure has the promise of something like that, but....

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