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Topic: Rob's Vocal Samplepack Part 2

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    Rob's Vocal Samplepack Part 2

    Hi everyone,
    I have released my Second Vocal Samplepack.This one features 6 Construction Kits with several styles like: Pop, Ballad and Folk. Just like the first pack this one's also royalty-free. The pack is completely free of charge and you can use it for your own compositions, websites, commercials etc.
    Here are the download links:
    Tips or comments can be e-mailed to: rh.meulman@home.nl
    Also, if you want me to sing specific lines for your compositions(this is not for free), let me know.
    If you have missed out on my first vocal samplepack, you can still download it through my website:
    Have fun with the pack!
    Rob Meulman
    April 6 2010
    Groningen The netherlands.

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    Re: Rob's Vocal Samplepack Part 2

    Thanks! Such a nice thing to do.
    Film Composer - www.juhanalehtiniemi.com
    My latest project: Our first indie pop -single, produced in Ableton Live, available also on iTunes and Amazon
    Mac Pro 6-core 3.33GHz

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    Re: Rob's Vocal Samplepack Part 2

    Thank you Rob for these vocal samplepacks.
    Pasi Pitkänen
    Website | Facebook

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    Re: Rob's Vocal Samplepack Part 2

    Fantastic Stuff! Great Voice!

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    Re: Rob's Vocal Samplepack Part 2

    Thank you for your nice vocal samples.
    I also downloaded your first pack.
    The most useful from my point of view are vocals which
    are as generic as possible, i.e. scat-type, solo voiced frases
    (without any reverb or other fx).
    There are never enough good r&b/jazz/pop
    uuhs, lalas, mmms, aahs etc. background vocal material: if you
    had a good set of these, I´m willing to buy one.

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