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Topic: A Parking Lot Thought (motet)

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    Stirring the Lady (JABB)


    2:32 running time, 5.8 mg

    Artist's description:
    This is a smooth jazz piece built around Norm Harris' percussion using Garritan Jazz and Big Band sample set with the Aria player and a touch of tonehammer's Francesca sample set.

    Scored for upright bass, piano, clarinet, saxophone and female vocalizations and of course Norm's percussion track.

    I of course reserve the option of revising the piece later.

    Norm Harris, Percussionist's Stirred, Not Shaken

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    Re: A Parking Lot Thought (motet)

    Is there a way to really change the thread title - or failing that delete the thread?

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    Re: A Parking Lot Thought (motet)

    I can see the description motet doesn't really fit the bill. But it is an interesting, nicely flowing piece, with a great sound. It has a smooth arrangement, which hides a few complex lines. The percussion really pushes the track forward, but the bass is also quite good. The piano is light, as I like it, and the semi-parallel lead lines are quite interesting. Nice piece, definitely worth a listen.

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    Re: A Parking Lot Thought (motet)

    Thanks for the listen and comment Theo!

    I just bought JABB and I think JABB has lots of potential!!

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