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Topic: Studio furniture (not strictly hardware... but definitely not software!)

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    Question Studio furniture (not strictly hardware... but definitely not software!)


    First of all, please excuse my poor english.

    I am currently looking for a desk for my DAW and master keyboard.

    I can find very elaborate products (and expensive too!) but not the simple I would like : a simple desk to put my screens, computer keyboard and midi controllers on the same level (I don't want my screens to be higher like it seems to "standard" way to do nowadays) and, the most important, my master midi keyboard (Studiologic VMK 188) under the desk (a sliding shelf would be a plus).

    Since my writing english skills are limited, nothing bets a picture
    Here is Harry Gregson Williams desk, I would like something similar (I would like to have his talent too, but not his haircut )

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: Studio furniture (not strictly hardware... but definitely not software!)

    About 5 years ago I gave up on trying to find a suitable desk/table with a slide out shelf to house my 88 key controller.
    There were a lot of custom companies, mostly independent guys online but the cost was way too high so I decided to build my own.

    Still today there is nothing out there suitable that I am aware of although many have purchased tables from Ikea and modified them.

    I built a beautiful table with a cherry top for around $120.
    It's not hard, all you really need is a router as your local wood supply store can pre cut the pieces for you.

    Good luck!
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