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Topic: Two little test pieces with VSL SE (+GPO)

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    Two little test pieces with VSL SE (+GPO)

    Hi Everyone,

    I just got my new VSL SE librairie and I wanted to do some try about it. So I'd like to share with you these two pieces I made ( and re-made ) with my brand new VSL SE.

    1 http://www.box.net/shared/7svm4fi1d7
    First little essai with the chamber strings and Solo strings from VSL (organ is from GPO).

    2 http://www.box.net/shared/u38o9hymyf
    Second essai with VSL Orchestral Strings and others elements from VSL. Woodwinds are from GPO.
    This piece is the begining of my 1st symphonic poem not really finished yet.

    Hope you will enjoy !


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    Re: Two little test pieces with VSL SE (+GPO)

    I going listen these but i want info what kind reverb etc used and what are specications of compter and etc. Both are bit sad i think.
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    Re: Two little test pieces with VSL SE (+GPO)

    I only had the time to listen to the first piece, excellent work, Charles... you managed to get a beautiful sound out of the solo strings. Really very nice!

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    Re: Two little test pieces with VSL SE (+GPO)

    Thanks for listening and comments !

    To oldbob :

    I'm very glad you enjoyed my work.

    To JUPEKU :

    Here are some more specifications :

    -As reverb, I'm using Altiverb, some medium hall preset. All sends are pre fader and volume of different instruments turned very low, so I can get a very wet sound, trying to get the "stage" impression. It also allows me to control as best as I can the impression of "near instruments" and "far" instruments.

    -About my computer : Intel Core 2 Duo 2.20GHz / 3 Go RAM

    - Also, I always put a multiband compressor on main out, just upping and compress a little low and high frequencies, to get a more warm sound. On these 2 pieces, I actually used the basic multiband compressor of Cubase.


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