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Topic: Wivi instruments how good are these?

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    Wivi instruments how good are these?

    Wivi instruments how good are these? i mainly want know all sounds but less these saxophone sounds becouse i dont like much saxophones.
    ps. i know there is demoversion but maybe dont tell much and i listen demos later in today.

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    Re: Wivi instruments how good are these?

    Now at least in demo and default settings i like woodwinds (expect bass clarinet) but brass more s*cks (actually i like quiet notes and sounds what are thin nature i think expect oboe which is not thin..). and in real instrument albums i also dont like brass many times. i dont yet know how i can get smoother notes (velocity is not solution or louder side dynamics is more here..). velocity is maybe not only controller... and i think maybe still samples are nicer i dont know becouse i dont know how good woodwinds in real world use in these better sample libraries are. but vienna woodwinds are really different stuf in demos now i think wivi s*cks.........

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    Re: Wivi instruments how good are these?

    Hi JUPEKU,

    I have all WIVI brass and most woodwinds, can't comment on saxes.

    Their strong point is expression. I remember when I got the WIVI french horns first time I completely forgot about time and space ... just played and played and played ... for hours. Completely paralyzed. This has never happened to me with any other virtual instrument ever before or after.

    If you test them be sure that you don't just use velocity ... map the modwheel to the breath parameter (per default it is on cc02).

    Then: The second strong point of these instruments is that you have more than one parameter that you can control in real time, not just breath. For example I usually control a timbre parameter as well at the same time ... makes a world of difference, at least for me.

    All that being said ... well-recorded samples still sound better than WIVI in terms of pure sound. A sampled flute note is a flute recording ... with all the problems that we know in the transitions but still the recording of a real flute, and WIVI will often give you somewhat less in that department.

    On a scale from 0 to 100 % I would say the performance you can achieve with samples is from 0 to 50 % depending on the skill and the library (most examples in the 20% area), with WIVI from 10 to 40 % (most examples in the 30 % area since to produce something really bad is difficult with WIVI) and with real players from 20 to 100 % depending on the players and the engineering (most examples in the 60 % area).
    All your strings belong to me!

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    Re: Wivi instruments how good are these?

    I also fell in love with the French horns while playing with the WIVI demo. So, I bought Wind Band. (I've been impatiently waiting for Sample Modeling to release more instruments, and figured WIVI Band would be a good interim solution.) I enjoyed enough of the instruments that I decided to buy the Woodwinds & Saxophones package. I was really disappointed ... at first. But, after getting things set up properly with my AKAI EWI wind controller and tweaking the EQ, I was fairly content with many of the instruments, especially the Baroque bassoon and clarinets. Don't like any of the saxophones, and the flute isn't breathy enough for my taste. But, what the WIVI instruments lack in rich, realistic sounds (say, compard to East-West), they more than make up for in playability and expressiveness. (I have several products from East-West and never use them; they're simply unplayable for me.) My only problem is that the WIVI instruments are so much fun to play, that I'm becoming sleep deprived and my lips sometimes get tired from playing the wind controller late into the wee hours of the morning.

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    Re: Wivi instruments how good are these?


    I use WIVI Pro in my orchestral works.

    As a drawing is better than a speech, here is an example:

    All woodwinds and brass are made with WIVI Pro, including the solo clarinet.

    Best regards,

    There is no spoon.

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