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Topic: Harmonica Vibrato - JABB 3 Aria Sonar and Finale

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    Harmonica Vibrato - JABB 3 Aria Sonar and Finale

    I'm using the new JABB 3 with Aria in both finale 2010 and Sonar 8.5. I am trying to apply some vibrato to the new JABB 3 Aria Harmonica.

    There is a Vib Speed dial in Aria Controls in the Harmonica patch and this is set at 45. However, there is zero vibrato when playing. I've tried putting the dial at 100 but still nothing.

    I believe the vibrato uses CC17 and have looked in Sonar's PRV window thinking I could draw it in but can't see how.

    Would some kind person please help me with this; either on how to get this working in Finale or with how to draw this in Sonar .. or even both.

    Any help would be very much appreciated.

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    Re: Harmonica Vibrato - JABB 3 Aria Sonar and Finale

    Does your keyboard have aftertouch? If so, then Sonar doesn't have aftertouch enabled in the MIDI settings. The default in Sonar is for it not to be enabled.


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