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Topic: Paying Problems

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    Paying Problems

    I ordered the new update of JaBB and it's in my cart.

    I try to pay it with Master card and also tried to pay it with Paypal and both fail.

    Both accounts are liable and every time it fails in the submit page.

    Anyone got the same problem?

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    Re: Paying Problems

    A small number of people have reported the same problem. This has been passed on to the developers.

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    Re: Paying Problems

    Hello Effenix,

    Just another thought, are you based outside the USA?

    The reason I ask is that I had the same problem. Then I noticed that after putting in my payment details, there were two blank boxes. One was for 'State' (I think) and I forget what the othere was but it was to do with location. I just entered N/A (Not Applicable) in each box and then it all worked.
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    Re: Paying Problems

    I ordered from France and had no particular problem.

    There is no spoon.

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