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Topic: Weird or legit reseller?

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    Weird or legit reseller?

    Checking some shareware notation software, I found this: http://geniesoft.com/products/gpo/gpo.htm. The presentation implies that it's actually by GenieSoft (it only mentions Garritan in the product's title), and the price is 10$ higher than on the Garritan website (and on their product page, $50). Is that bizarre or am I expecting to much transparency?

    Just curious...

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    Re: Weird or legit reseller?

    Geniesoft's Overture was bundled with GPO back in the day (along with Cubase)..that was the package that i bought.

    So, yes, it is a legit company, and Overture is a worthwile consideration as a notation program, much cheaper than Sibelius and Finale, and easier to use.

    Don't know why the pricing is the way it is, though...
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    Re: Weird or legit reseller?

    Geniesoft's Overture is what I use with GPO too. Looks like they're just reselling GPO, like other online stores do. They don't say "Geniesoft's GPO" or anything. (Though their web design is a wee bit primitive...)
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    Re: Weird or legit reseller?

    Thanks, it looked so odd to me. I'd never heard of the company before, either. I knew of Overture, but Geniesoft sounded a bit ...

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    Re: Weird or legit reseller?

    Hi Theo,

    Geniesoft, makers of Overture, have been a reseller of our libraries for the past six or so years. Many Overture users like the ease of use and sequencing features. Not sure why the their pricing is as it is and you may want to contact Don at Geniesoft.

    My best,


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