I'm running GPO4, Kontakt edition, on an XP dual-core PC. I want to use 2 instruments at a time. I want to hear GPO's awesome cello sound and trombone patch playing some harmonies.
I open up Ableon, and I can set up and hear the trombone with no problems through Channel 1. Sounds great.
Next, I make another track and load another instance of GPO, this time selecting the cello and setting the MIDI output to channel 2. It loads, and when I play my keyboard, the indicator bar in the lower right hand side of GPO displays MIDI signal coming out. But Ableton (and Pro Tools) doesn't recognize any MIDI input on Channel 2. So I hear no cello. So sad.
I have also tried loading both instruments into a single player, to no avail. Channel 2 still doesn't get any input or sound, no matter how I configure the player and my Audio program.
BTW the setup button disappears when GPO is used as a plug-in (both as VST or RTAS). Any way to get it back?
Thanks for a great library, GG. You have truly rendered a service to the musical community.