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Topic: saving presets

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    saving presets

    Sorry for the title - lack of real understanding of how to present question.

    Using GPO as a VST how do I save the instruments I've selected for a particular song? I am using the sequencer MM4 (MidiMaestro 4). Are the settings for each channel selected and saved by the host program? If that is so, then the problem is MM4 or my lack of how to make it work correctly.

    Currently, I am having to relaod the instruments into the VST version of GPO. Surely, that can't be correct!

    I know that using GPO as a stand alone I can save - is that the only way?

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    Re: saving presets

    You need to save the file as a project in MM4.
    I've never used MM4 but, if it's like other sequencers, then you just go to 'file' - 'save as' and name your project accordingly.

    When you open this project again, all instruments and their settings will be as you last saved them.


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