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Topic: Sounds So Good

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    Sounds So Good

    I just installed Trilian and ran through some of the patches. Sounds so good !

    I also wanted to comment on the last patches we got for Omni. There were some analog ones in there that were made just with the DSP engine. Those are just amazing, rivals anything I've ever heard! It just proves that you can make whatever you want in there. Omni as a synth is fantastic !

    Super kudos.

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    Re: Sounds So Good

    Awesome! Glad you are enjoying our work! :-)

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    Re: Sounds So Good

    im going to chime in here on this too... just installed it today and man i was really impressed! from the first few patches i had ideas going already.. which i think is ONE of the many strengths of this VI.. its ability to pick up and go! even the nice touches of images are great and inviting as opposed to just a patch name in other synths.. plus the 'normal' sounds.. superb! the strings are just awesome!
    the one thing that annoys me about people bashing this VI is that its not 'real' enough! i mean everybody goes on about VSL etc being the best but if your so boned up on being REAL, why dont you rent a bloody 100 piece orchestra for 'your ideas'.. maybe then will you appreciate the incredible work the spectrasonics guys have done.. i personally think this VI is worth double the amount of the asking price.. the samples alone are worth that and then you throw the complex (yet simple) synthesis engine on top and wow have you got some serious sounds! im not kissing Erics butt or anything but you have to at least try this sucker out!
    end statement..

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    Re: Sounds So Good

    Quote Originally Posted by spectralhead View Post
    i personally think this VI is worth double the amount of the asking price.. ..
    Don't say that - Eric might be watching - keep it as a thought
    Neil B
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    Re: Sounds So Good

    On a slightly more serious note, I'm of the opinion that Spectrasonic products are almost perfectly priced for today's market conditions. Because of their quality, they probably could raise the price even higher, and the products would still be worth it, but then again, a higher price means fewer people able to buy the product. So my feeling is the prices are right there in a "sweet spot"...not inexpensive, but not out of the reach of a serious hobbyist either. That suggests to me that they know exactly what they are doing. Some of the companies that are releasing software that costs $1000-$1600 are going to sell their products to some people, but the price is far too high for many to even consider, even if one acknowledges that the product cost a lot to develop. In other words, I think Spectrasonics got it right, and I expect a LOT of people appreciate and recognize that as well. Just some thoughts about pricing ............playz
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    Smile Re: Sounds So Good

    I have heard Eric play Trilian in the Demos and it sounds absolutely fantastic!

    I have to say when I heard the Chapman stick I almost melted. Its been so long since I've actually heard a Chapman stick that I thought I'd never hear one again....... Then Eric pulls one up in Trillian.... I just about died!!!! and with the beautiful effects too! wow!!

    Dreamy..... brought me back to other days...........)

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