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Topic: jabb3 registration

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    jabb3 registration

    hey people,

    I bought and downloaded Jabb3 upgrade yesterdy (3 hours on broadband...) but when i tried to register it, it said my serial number had already been registered (the new one, not the old one).

    I sent an email to support, but they havent answered - I was hoping they would thursday day their time - and now it is the long weekend so i dont expect them back until tuesday night my time at the earliest..

    SO, if anyone has any advice about what I could try until then, just since I cant curb my enthusiasm about this product!, it would be nice - otherwise I just have to be patient...



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    Re: jabb3 registration

    I've PM'd you.

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    Re: jabb3 registration

    Tony sorted it quickly
    Thanks for working on a holiday! I was just eager to play with my new toy - gotta try that banjo! (and harmonica)

    thanks again...

    gpo, jabb, symphonic choirs (only until Garritan's is out!), cubase, sibelius, reason

    Nord Stage 2 88, Fender guitar and bass, Roland td9 drumkit, Norman acoustic guitar

    three cats

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