Posted this over at Musiclabs forum since it has RealGuitar and RealStrat. It also has a JABB clarinet so will post here too.

This one is pretty simple and straightfoward with RealGuitar 2 strumming rhythm and RealStrat coming in on lead. Song has some nice modulations during the "verses". The "bridge" adds some interest. Written in Phrygian mode throughout.

Piano: Akoustik Piano "Grand Concert D", EQ -1.3dB @ 177 hz, BW=1.0, light compression 2.6:1, 2.8 ms attack, 85 ms release.
Bass: Used JABB "Jazz Fretted Bass 2" for this one. EQ 5.3 dB boost @ 463 hz, hvy compression 3.2:1, 5 ms attack, 85 ms release.
Clarinet: JABB "Clarinet 1", Light compression 2.6:1, 3.7 ms attack, 70 ms release. I always think this instrument sounds "synthie" (the attack phase doesn't sound right) and don't like it but it was still better than GPO for this melody line.
Rhythm Guitar: RealGuitar 2 "Steel Picked", solo mode. EQ -1.8 dB @ 139 hz, BW=1.0. moderate compression 3.2:1, 1.5 ms attack, 45 ms release. Yeah, solo mode - I just had to have control over the vel of each string. Compression was needed to keep the twanging down.
Electric Guitar: RealStrat with pick away from bridge, attack = 0 and all other attempts to keep the twange down. No pitch bends but some HO during fast passages. Chain: EQ -6 dB low shelf < 650 hz. Heavy compression 5:1, 0.5 ms attack, 2 sec release. Freeamp 3 "Crunchy Combo".
Drums: Addictive Drums + Retro "Live on Stage". As is with some balanceing between kit pieces.

Altiverb: "Cello Studios - Live Room 1", m-st M50 @ 5.06 meters, 25% wet. One instance for each instrument (except drums which uses its own ambience).

Not a bad piece really. Didn't spend much time on it so the mix and master may not be best. I like the sound of RealGuitar and it can be quite convincing at times. Prefer absolute control over it though! For RealStrat I am going to have to do some research to find the best amp/cab sim to match it. Freeamp is OK'ish but crashes Cubase SL 3 on my machine from time-to-time (esp. with more than one instance).