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Topic: "Wizmouse" makes life easier

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    "Wizmouse" makes life easier

    This is very cool. At the Sonar Forum, a member posted link and info on "Whiz Mouse." To quote his post:

    "I don't know if anyone's familiar with this free app that I read about in PC World.
    It lets you scroll in different windows without having to click (which I always found annoying)
    Anyway; it works with Sonar so I thought I'd share.
    http://antibody-software.com/web/software/software/wizmouse-makes-your-mouse-wheel-work-on-the-window-under-the-mouse/ "

    I went for it and am instantly happy - Took seconds to download and set up. It may sound like a small thing, but to suddenly not need to keep clicking the windows you want to scroll in, especially in multi-view programs like Sonar - it's super. Try it--You'll like it!


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    Re: "Wizmouse" makes life easier

    Well spotted, Randy! That works very nicely.

    It will be useful for the ineptly-programmed Band in a Box, which has no built-in scroll wheel support in 2/3 of its menus. This utility provides a working scroll wheel right away, in addition to the cursor behavior that saves clicks.

    Thank you for mentioning it.

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    Re: "Wizmouse" makes life easier

    You mean this one?

    Raymond Robijns
    Youtube channel: "Raymond Robijns"

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    Re: "Wizmouse" makes life easier

    That is one of the handiest utilities I've downloaded in a loooong time. Why doesn't Windows make this an option?! Thanks for sharing Randy!

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    Re: "Wizmouse" makes life easier

    Yeah! That's the one, Raymond.

    LFO and Lallis - glad you're enjoying this. I am instantly flowing better in my work this morning with this thing. It is SO logical, and really seems to be invisible in its operation, not causing any problems, just making life with a computer smoother. Cool beans.


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    Re: "Wizmouse" makes life easier

    Great application! Thanks Randy, you've come through again.
    Wider is better.

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    Re: "Wizmouse" makes life easier

    What a nice thing to say, thanks, Dominick. It really is a cool little app, a big improvement on our mouse wheels. I can't imagine someone not benefiting from it. PC Magazine endorsement - that's pretty good, and now we can testify that really Is all that.

    While I'm here, I invite you to see my Easter music video - link is in my sig.


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