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Topic: OT-compliments to US mail services

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    OT-compliments to US mail services

    A compliment must be made here. A fortnight ago I sent a package to someone on this forum. He gave me his address and forgot to mention that it was in Canada. Not knowing all abbreviations you people use for the states I thought this package had to go to the US.

    Surprise. The postoffice in the US re-delivered the package at the right address in Canada. This would never happen overhere. My sincerest compliments.... I only cannot express those at the post office in the US, not knowing any email address.

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    Re: OT-compliments to US mail services

    I can only say that in the UK in the past the post office has gone to astonishing lengths to deliver the mail. Although its not too good in the towns now, out here in the country its still very good.
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