I'm sorry if I already addressed this but I'm curious as to whether anyone else notices a sound difference between these two programs using GPO4. I prefer notating in Sibelius because it's faster but GPO sounds better in Finale 2010 as well as the fact that it responds to articulations and techniques more accurately than in Sibelius 6.

Example- a triple slash tremolo in Finale 2010 gives me a very nice timpani roll. In Sibelius 6, it sounds really fake. In fact, no indication makes the timpani sound good in Sibelius 6. Bummer.
I have spoken to Sibelius guru Jon Loving and he's helped me out quite a bit with some things (at least I can use the slash tremolo mark to activate unmetered tremolos in Sibelius 6 like I do in Finale 2010).

I'm just wondering if anyone else uses both programs and notices the same differences I do.

Thanks kindly.