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Topic: Hard disk archiving?

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    Hard disk archiving?

    I recently got a shiny new computer with shiny new drives of mind boggling capacity (that's right, you guessed, now all my fave libraries are in... the sample drive's looking a bit full already!!).

    My previous computer had three drives full of the last six years work, and while I never promise clients to archive stuff for them, I'd like to think I could go back to projects in the future, even if only to scavenge audio files I made at the time.

    There's much too much to archive to DVD or whatever, so what are peoples current thoughts and information about looking after non used drives. I know that some people suggest spinning them up from time to time - but other than that I can't think of anything. Suddenly drives don't look so clever for long term storage.

    What do you all do about this?? Any thoughts?



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    Re: Hard disk archiving?

    I prefer to use Blu-Ray disks for backups as they hold 25 GB. I'm leary of using hard drives as I've had way too many fail. Once they fail, you lose all data. I've had pretty good luck with DVD's in the past but the projects have just too large now.


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    Re: Hard disk archiving?

    Good thinking Jim - certainly an option for bigger projects, but the idea of archiving even a little ol' 500GB drive...


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