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Topic: Help...Dumb Omnisphere Question...

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    Help...Dumb Omnisphere Question...

    Don't laugh, I'm really new at trying to program patches...promise...

    OK, all I want to do is have my mod wheel control an LFO, just like it is doing in a patch in Omnisphere called "Attitude MS 20 SAW."

    When you raise the MW, you get a goofy effect perfect for a comic sequence we are doing, but even looking at the patch that has what I want, I can't tell how it has been set up to learn from....

    help appreciated!

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    Re: Help...Dumb Omnisphere Question...


    Did you check out the Modulation Matrix?

    Is it LFO 1 modulating the pitch...and the ModWheel modulating LFO 1's depth?

    I am not in the studio right now...so I can't check the patch.

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