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Topic: "Spring Awakes" - baroque round

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    "Spring Awakes" - baroque round

    Here's my second attempt using GPO. Just 12 bars of music, in format of a round. Instruments come in every 4 bars. All instruments Garritan except acoustic guitar:

    Garritan Steinway - piano
    GPO - English horn, harp, flute, cello, violas, violins, basses
    acoustic guitar - Yamaha XS

    Comments welcome!


    "Spring Awakes"
    (click Play Song- if anyone has difficulties let me know)

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    Re: "Spring Awakes" - baroque round

    Hey Mike,
    It is very lovely and soothing. All the parts sound brave and noble. And it has a freshness to it which indeed, is very springlike! Guitar sounded right at home with the other instruments.

    Thanks for sharing, good to hear this, I like!

    Best regards,
    sd cisco

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    It's great! The string section is a bit out of style, but the whole sound wonderful. It certainly has a baroque feel to it. This is not "just 12 bars of music", this is a 12 bar, 3 voice canon, and a good one too. Less false modesty, please!

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    Re: "Spring Awakes" - baroque round

    You have made use of nice counterpuntal lines. The piece does have a fresh spring-like quality to it. Your mix is great. The guitar fits right in. And as FLWrd said, don't be so modest. This is not 12 bars of music but music based on a 12 bar motive.
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