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Topic: Can't Get Pitch Bend Working

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    Can't Get Pitch Bend Working

    I'm using JABB2 in Kontakt Player 3.5. I'm new to using it in Standalone mode (wired to Logic via IAC bus).

    I can't get it to support pitch bend. I've got pitch bend data in a Logic sequence that works fine when I use the KP3.5 as a PLUG-IN, but pitch bend doesn't seem to be enabled in KP3.5 when the sequence plays in Standalone mode.

    I found a tab called modules/modulation in KP3, under which pitch bend is listed with instructions to drag it. But there seems to be no destination in the rack (containing JABB) that it will let me drag it to.

    I've spent hours trying to troubleshoot this myself, reading the manual, etc. I would be MOST grateful if someone could give me hand in how to solve this. It's GOTTA be something simple...right???

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Can't Get Pitch Bend Working

    The only suggestion I can think of is:

    On the kontakt player itself, there is there is a rectangle (mine is black) next to the word Garritan in the middle of the player that says "pitchbend". It defaults to "2" (a whole step of bend). You need to set that to a number high enough to cover the pitch bend you desire. For instance, if you want an octave pitch bend you would change that number to "12". This way you can control how much and how fast the pitchbend effect on a specific pitch. So, if you have drawn in a line in the piano roll all the way up or down from "0" the pitch would change the full amount of the reference number in the pitchblend section of the player.

    I am really not sure if I helped or not, but that has been my problem in the past when not getting pitches to bend a desired amount.
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