Hello folks,

Setting up a DAW. The last years some of you confronted me with a new conception: a Digital Audio Workstation. Some even displayed some pictures of their gear and I must admit that most of it goes beyond my comprehension, like those 40 or more sliders mixing boards and several hardware wired reverb-/effect units, etc.

No, I am more interested in some software like workflow. Let us say some connection between SONAR, Overture or NOTION, vice versa and maybe other software. I know of the existence of a program called Rewire, but haven't the faintest idea what it does, apart from letting the programs "talk" to each other (some sophisticated MidiOx?).


  • how do I setup things,
  • any pittfalls,
  • paying special attention to,
  • don't's and do's.

And what is more important, what is the benefit of it all. Please use non-technical language, because......