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Topic: GPO 4 & Pro Tools 8 LE -- no sound/midi in GPO Kontakt Player

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    GPO 4 & Pro Tools 8 LE -- no sound/midi in GPO Kontakt Player

    Hello all,
    This is my first time posting here so I hope I'm doing everything right -- I have Garritan Personal Orchestra 4 (Kontakt edition, not the aria upgrade) and Pro Tools 8 LE, running on a dual-core Intel PC running XP Pro 32-bit. I am trying to get GPO to play as an RTAS plugin so I can record GPO instruments in Pro Tools.
    GPO plays fine in standalone and also in Kontakt 4 Player, which I also have.
    However, once I have opened the GPO plug-in, the problem exhibits itself. I get no sound or recognition of MIDI input in my GPO plug-in. The keys don't move in response to my playing the MIDI controller (M-Audio Keystation 88, works fine in standalone). Moreover, there seems to be no way for me to access the "File" menu, which seems to have disappeared.
    This is a little strange -- why disable the only way to get the settings correct? Perhaps there is a way to get the routing worked out in Pro Tools but I don't know how.
    Perhaps if I could access MIDI/Audio settings, in whatever manner, I could get GPO to work as an RTAS plug-in.



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    Re: GPO 4 & Pro Tools 8 LE -- no sound/midi in GPO Kontakt Player

    Actually, I just installed an update to 2.0 library. Now it works in PT!

    Holy Moly, Mr. Garritan, you deserve a prize for this one. Love love love the clarinets, the cellos, the Steinway. The violins have potential too if I can figure out the releases. This is a real tool for me and many other composers to grow, thank you for creating it. Worth every penny.



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