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Topic: GPO2 as plugin for FL Studio 9; no sound?

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    GPO2 as plugin for FL Studio 9; no sound?

    I recently wiped my hard drive and upgraded to windows 7. I reinstalled GPO (still need to look up my account info to fully register it) and have tried playing around with it.

    I use it as a DXi plugin in FL Studio 9. When I go to play a song using GPO's strings, I can hear all the normal FL Studio sounds, and I can see the lights flashing that indicate the GPO instruments are creating sound. However, I cannot actually physically hear any sound coming from the plugin.

    I then tried to see if the standalone GPO player works. It does the same thing as a plugin inside FL Studio; although the lights register an output, I do not hear any noise from my speakers.

    I messed around with the "Setup" options and finally found a setting that worked:

    Interface: Multimedia
    Sample Rate: 192000
    Output Device: MME Speakers (Realtek High Definition)
    Output Latency: 43 ms

    Okay, good. But as a plugin in FL Studio, there is no convenient "setup" tab that lists these options, and I can't find an equivalent settings.

    Is there anyone out there who can provide advice?

    New Eon Orchestra

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    Re: GPO2 as plugin for FL Studio 9; no sound?

    As a plugin, GPO shouldn't care what the driver settings are--it latches to the host's settings. Unlike a lot of stock instruments, GPO is mod-wheel sensitive. Have you tried moving the modwheel of your keyboard or inserting some CC1 data into a recorded sequence?

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