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Topic: Hollywood Percussion

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    Hollywood Percussion

    Ok here you go...a small taste of hollywood....just imagine a big opening with flying saucers zooming just above the earths atmosphere....well or something to that effect anyway....
    http://www.dssoundware.com/sounds/hollywood 2.mp3

    Oh...and look it says hollywood \"2\" meaning that there could be a hollywood \"1\".....Soooo is it real or not????


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    Re: Hollywood Percussion

    I dont care it sounds good


    actually I\'m guessing that its fake..but its fooled me into considering that I\'m completely wrong

    good idea about not posting a \"comparison\" file

    I\'m really hoping this is fake cuz I\'m gonna buy Ult Orch perc this week/next week..even tho I know you guys ahve a few tricks up your sleve in the next onth or so.

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Hollywood Percussion

    sounds fine. It\'s fake, but who would know?

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    Re: Hollywood Percussion

    Can I ask a really dumb question? I noticed you used the Expression controller and not the volume controller in the midi files. Now I know why you added them... it\'s just that I\'ve been using volume changes up to now. So... why the expression controller? Could some kind soul enlighten me as to the differences between the two controllers?

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    Re: Hollywood Percussion

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Nick Phoenix:
    sounds fine. It\'s fake, but who would know?<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    Wow! Thanks Nick....what a glowing review


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    Re: Hollywood Percussion


    Think of Volume as the master controller, with Expression as a subvolume controller under Volume. The result is that you can adjust the loudness and softness of any part within the song with the Expression controller, and then if you want the overall track to be louder or softer, you can use the Volume controller and then the changes you made with Expression will remain, just adjusted up or down by the changes you made with the Volume controller.

    I\'m not sure that I explained it well. Hopefully it makes sense.


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    Re: Hollywood Percussion

    Thanks. It makes perfect sense.

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    Re: Hollywood Percussion

    Nice percussion, Donnie. I like the snares, though I think the bass drum doesn\'t sound as it\'s supposed to in a Hollywood production. Too much mid-bass, not enough low-end bass.

    Now I would like to ask the same question about my (custom) Hollywood percussion.
    At http://www2.hku.nl/~maarte2/audio/openingscreen.mp3 you can download a small piece I wrote, called Opening Screen, which features some of my Hollywood percussion.

    What do you guys (and girls) think of the realism of these samples?

    Maarten Spruijt

    ( www.maartenspruijt.com )
    ICQ: 37834976

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    Re: Hollywood Percussion

    The same Hollywood percussion samples I mentioned in the post above I also used in another piece, called Underwater Action: http://www2.hku.nl/~maarte2/audio/underwater.mp3
    Here you can esp. hear the snare ensembles.


    ( www.maartenspruijt.com )
    ICQ: 37834976

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    Re: Hollywood Percussion

    Right on Maarten!!!!!! That\'s the way it\'s supposed to sound! The snares have that distant sound, great! The strings in the \"opening screen\" sound very real? are they? I can\'t tell, just that they seem to loop if they aren\'t Wonderful job! Congratulations. Donnie, take notice!


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