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Topic: VSL Smorgasbord - 6 tasty demos served up with 6 different MIR halls

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    VSL Smorgasbord - 6 tasty demos served up with 6 different MIR halls

    Hi Everyone! Here are some VSL/MIR demos you might enjoy.

    1) Ravel's Pavane pour une Infante Defunte

    This demo uses MIR Vienna Konzerthaus Grosser Saal. The strings are all con sordino (a combination of VSL Appassionata Strings II, Chamber Strings II and Solo Strings II).

    I also used the TILT A convolution filters from the Numerical Sound FORTI collection for Vienna Suite to darken the color of the strings.


    2) Reiche's Abblasen

    This demo uses the very refective MIR Konzerthaus Foyer and features the VSL piccolo trumpet. A few people might even recognize this tune as the theme for the CBS Sunday Morning show.


    3) Francaix's Quator - Vivo Assai

    This demo uses the MIR Konzerthaus Schubersaal and features the VSL English horn (French style), solo violin, solo viola and solo cello.


    4) Bozza's Jour d'Ete a la Monatagne - Au bord du torrent

    This demo uses the MIR Konzerthaus Neuer Saal. VSL has sampled two different C flutes and I used both if them for this performance. From left to right you will hear flute 1, flute 2, flute 1 and flute 2.



    5) Clarke's Maid of the Mist - Polka

    This demo uses the MIR ORF Soundstage Grosser Sendesaal. It features a less well-known but superb VSL instrument -- the cornet -- and the Vienna Imperial Piano. The piece was written in 1912 and has a charming old fashioned quality that befits its subject - the Maid of the Mist - the boat that ferries people past the Niagara Falls.


    6) Schocker's From Falls House - Festivity

    This demo uses the MIR Konzerthaus Mozartsaal. It features an entire flute choir including the VSL bass flute, alto flute, 8 C flutes and the piccolo.


    BONUS TRACK - Monti's Czardas

    This Schmaltzy gypsy-flavored piece features the VSL tenor trombone and Vienna Imperial Piano. The reverb is the convolution plugin from the Vienna Suite with a Numerical Sound IR that ships with it.


    Well that the Smorgasbord. Bon appetit!

    All comment welcome and appreciated.

    Best wishes,

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    Re: VSL Smorgasbord - 6 tasty demos served up with 6 different MIR halls

    Excellent job Jay -

    I especially like track 3 and the Bonus track . .

    I think tracks 3 and 4 have the same link though.

    Great Job !


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    Re: VSL Smorgasbord - 6 tasty demos served up with 6 different MIR halls

    Thanks Larry. I corrected the link for number 4 now.


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