Something a little different...

A quicky, throw-away, I wrote several years ago and have re-mixed (and re-arranged) for GPO (Why? because I like this song for some reason - maybe the simple melody, or maybe the stride-piano, the qausi-reggae rhythm?... I dunno).

If it sounds like the tuning isn't quite right that is due to Akoustik Piano's Upright patch and how a real band often sounds with an upright. Notice that the violin player steps closer to the mic shortly after he starts playing - how's that for realism! . Introduction is a bit deceptive, and the rhythm of the final "verse" is... unique..., but what would life be without surprises? Hope you have as much fun listening as I had writing it.

Piano: Akoustik Piano "Steingraeber 130", stretch tuned. EQ -4 dB @406 hz BW = 0.6 and -2 dB low shelf <250 hz and +1.6 dB high shelf >500 hz and +3dB peaking @ 1800 hz BW = 0.8. (lots of EQ here to try to get the sound of old, hardened, hammers). Light compression 2.5:1, 3 ms Attack, 100 ms Release.
Guitar: RealGuitar 2 "Steel Picked" patch in solo mode. EQ -4.8 dB @ 285 hz, BW=1.0 moderate compression 2.8:1, attack=4.5 ms, release=45 ms.
Clarinet: GPO "Bb Clarinet Solo", EQ -3 dB @ 377 hz Bw=1.0. Light comrpession 2:1, 2 ms attack, 70 ms release.
Violin: GPO "Violin Gagli Solo KS", Default KS, short lenght, med vari 1&2.
Tuba: GPO "Tuba 1 Solo", short length, med var 1&2. Heavy compression 3:1, 5 ms attack, 85 ms release. EQ +2 db low shelf < 200 hz, -2.7 dB @ 450 hz BW=1. Oh yes! A tuba - no electric bass for this baby!
Drums: Addictive Drums "Live on Stage" patch. Default settings, need to figure out how to dampen toms.

Altiverb: one instance for each (except drums) "Cello Studios Live Room 1", m-st B&K mics at 4 meter, 30% wet.

Mastering: -1.5 db @ 180 hz, BW=1.5. Limit for 15 dB average power.