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Topic: Arpeggiations

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    I have been writing music for some time, and I find myself in deep regret of my lack of skill when it comes to alternatives for arpeggiating chords. For example:


    So I guess I have a few questions with this. Is it considered amongst the composer realm lazy writing when you arpeggiate? Or is there a special time and place for it? Also, what alternatives if any do you use instead of arpeggations?
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    Re: Arpeggiations

    If you are looking for alternatives for harmonic accompaniment and texture, some common available tools are the use of counterpoint ie. two or more melodic lines moving together to produce harmonic changes and block cords repeated and/or changed on meter's rythmic accent to control harmonic rhythm. Often times certain melodies can also by them selves express harmony through the illusion of multiple musical lines moving much the same way that arpeggiations simulate multiple lines.

    Hope this helps!

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