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Topic: Mac Logic Express 9 - multiple channels issue

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    Mac Logic Express 9 - multiple channels issue

    Hey there.

    I've just upgraded to Logic 9 on MAC and cannot seem to get multiple instruments to play with ONE VST of Garritan running. Every time I open a new instrument, a new popup of Aria opens so I end up with many different copies of Aria running - one for each instrument.

    I have tried starting with 1 Logic instrument on Aria channel 1 and then copying it, trying the next one on channel 2 etc - but each time I copy it opens a new copy of Aria

    There is probably a very simple answer for this but if someone can help me out it would be much appreciated.

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    Re: Mac Logic Express 9 - multiple channels issue

    That's the normal behaviour. There are two ways of doing it:

    1. Choose Track > New ... > Software Instrument and select "Multi-timbral". That will give you (by default) 16 tracks that will share the same plug-in (and effect chain). You only have to assign the plugin to one of the new channels, and it will appear on each of them, with a different MIDI channel.
    2. Create a new software instrument track for just a single instrument, then set the midi channel to 1 (in the inspector, it's "All" by default), and set the plugin. If you want a new track for the same plugin, go to Track, and create a new track with the same plugin/next midi channel.

    It's obvious once you know it, but the first time... Anyway, the second path is a bit more flexible: you can create tracks one at a time, and you can also create tracks with the same MIDI channel (which comes in handy sometimes). If you don't create 16 channels with step 1, you can extend them as in step 2.

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