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Topic: Omni - reauthorising with a new key

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    Omni - reauthorising with a new key

    OK ... cards on table, someone lent me a 'dodgy' copy of Omnisphere.

    I used it for a short time, saved up and got a boxed version. (I also bought Trilion and RMX in the promo bundle)

    OK ... so I've got my new Omni and what I did was try to remove all traces of the previous copy and reload every DVD ...

    All is good, *but*, the new copy still thinks the old registration is good - it doesn't ask me to register!

    Hmmm ... does anyone know of anyway to strip out/remove the existing registry information and force a reauthorisation?

    I'm sure I'll get some flak for this post, but at least i'm honest and I won't be alone!


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    Re: Omni - reauthorising with a new key

    Contact tech support, support.spectrasonics.net, for something like that.

    - Glenn

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    Re: Omni - reauthorising with a new key

    Cheers Glenn ... did that just after posting ... I'm sure they will be able to help. Having a mare with RMX too ... Trilian was OK ! One out of three aint bad, eh !


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