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Topic: windows 7

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    Exclamation windows 7

    hey guys m planing to shift my opreating system
    to windows 7 from win xp

    has anyone done this ...... how is it, worth shifting or its better to stick to

    i use cubase and loads of vst plugins
    plzzzz help on this


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    Re: windows 7

    Does your soundcard have Windows 7 drivers? That would be the first thing to check.

    Then you need to check on compatibility with each of the VST's you have.


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    Re: windows 7

    The best time to change OS is when you’re building/buying a new system. Unless you’re moving to 64 bit (and have the hardware to support it), there’s now real benefit to changing, at least for making music.

    That said, I’m very pleased with Win7.

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    Re: windows 7

    Win 7 Ultimate 64 is what I use primarily.

    We are way past the point of needing a 64 bit system due to the RAM limitation of 32 bits.

    Most stuff works fine with 7 but I do have XP on another machine that I can send tracks too if need be. That's rarely needed though.

    As suggested just check to see if your software and hardware will support it.
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    Re: windows 7

    Windows Xp or any 32bit OS is limited to using 3.5 GB of ram and only 2GB per application. THis ram limitation is starting to show its ugly face with many applications and games Windows 7 home premium 64bit can make use of 16GB.

    I stayed with Windows Xp for as long as I could wasnt interested in Vista. I was having problems with the ram limit when using Omnisphere and also I'm a gamer and many games now need over 3GB ram and Vista or Windows 7 to run on full graphics. So I moved to Windows 7 64bit and I have all 6GB on tap now and it's a lot faster and easier to use. Windows 7 does use 1GB of ram before you start any apps. I wouldn't move to Windows 7 unless you have 3GB or more of ram.

    Before upgrading download 64bit drivers for all your hardware, internal and external, motherboard, sound, graphics card, You might need 64bit drivers for your mouse and keyboard and midi controller. My old typing keyboard had no 64bit drivers but it does work but not all functions. Older programs may not work on Windows 7. To be safe i would install it on a new hard drive then you can easlily boot XP if it doesnt go well.

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    Re: windows 7

    I like to use Windows 7 because it is best in graphic and faster than Vista, the windows XP now maybe old and the Microsoft had stopped to support it.

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    Re: windows 7

    I think windows 7 is the best option, it will allow you runs programme very smooth and its very user friendly, the graphics are awesome, interface is too good, even you can play most of the latest games that are not working in winxp.

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    Re: windows 7

    I was facing a similar quandry a year ago. I wanted to purchase a notebook PC to dedicate to my music. My main music app, Samplitude wasn't said to be compatible w/ Win7. I spoke to a sales rep @ hhgregg who told me that anything that runs on XP should run on 7 as 7 was intended to be the answer to everybody's complains regarding Vista. You just have to make sure you install your apps in Administration Mode and you shouldn't have any issues. I found that to be true. I haven't had any problems. Samplitude installed and runs fine on my Win7 laptop as does everything else. I would suggest making sure if you have hardware like an interface, to visit the manufacturer's website and download the Win 7 drivers if possible.

    John B.

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