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Topic: What you think about these products

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    What you think about these products

    ps. i mainly mean ircam solo instruments and plugisound pro and percussion store and synth anthology.

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    Re: What you think about these products

    I can't speak for IRCAM and Percussion store, but the 2 others have a long history behind them, they are quite old libraries. Originally they had their own plugin and were costing 3 times as much as they are now, but put it in one word, the performance was crap even if the sounds where quite good at the time. So on my end they gather dust for a while. Now they fix all the performance problem in the new UVI Worstation plugin and it works quite well and I`m still using them. However, will I buy them again? I don`t think so even at the price they are now. I do not think you can even compare them now to Kontakt third party or even Kontakt 5 stock library. They are well recorded samples, but it is sampling like it was done 5-6 years ago.

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    Re: What you think about these products

    I own Plugsound Pro, Synth Anthology and X-Treme FX. Synth Anthology has some great sounds and a lot of content. The synth engine isn't as robust as a product like Omnisphere. I have also had a few issues with the 64 bit version.

    Plugsound Pro has some decent sounds, but as posted above, they were sampled quite a few years ago. The Kontakt library is superior IMO as well as far as quality of sound. I think Plugsound Pro is more thorough.

    I also like the Xtreme-FX library. It has some great sounds that an be used for adding natural ambience to a track. I've also used some of the sci-fi sounds as percussion intruments.

    Hope some of this helps,

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    Re: What you think about these products

    I must think again this kontakt stuff. and komplete is also cheap (based what you get). but i think these maybe dont work with mac os 10.6.2 Snow Leopard.

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