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Topic: gpo4 marimba range

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    gpo4 marimba range

    Hi, I'm upgrading to finale 2010 and saw i was getting some of the gpo4 instruments along with it. The only documentation i could find online indicating the range said it was 4.3 octaves (low A), is that correct? Assuming it is, is there a way to modify the instrument to extend the range down to low C (adding the new notes as detuned versions of the low-A samples)? I was able to do this with the marimba from the current library i'm using and it doesn't sound TOO terrible. And if that doesn't work, or i still prefer my current marimba, can i run gigastudio and aria at the same time? cpu/ram shouldn't be an issue, just wondering if they can be used together at all.

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    Re: gpo4 marimba range

    Hello Sirak and a warm welcome to our forums.

    The Marimba in the Finale 2010 edition goes from low G for five octaves.

    There is no facility in the present Aria Player to extend ranges. Whether or not this facility will be added in future updates of the Aria Player is not known.

    However, in the full version of GPO4, there is the Grand Marimba Symphonic which has the range you are looking for ie. low C upwards for 5 octaves.

    I can't help with the last part of your question regarding Gigastudio and Aria as I don't have Gigastudio.
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    Re: gpo4 marimba range

    Low C on any marimba is equivalent to hitting a large, hollow log with a club. There's no musicality to it, in my not-so-humble opinion.

    I love the instrument itself, but there are practical limitations.

    Larry G. Alexander

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    Re: gpo4 marimba range

    Thanks, that's great. I already ordered the full version anyway because my collection consists entirely of percussion and it seemed so reasonably priced to get all those instruments. I figured the marimba's were the same in both. Looking forward to hearing it.

    As for the practicality of low C, try some soft mallets. And i don't mean the one's labeled 'soft' in your sample library, which are most likely actually 'medium' or 'medium-hard', actual soft mallets.

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    Re: gpo4 marimba range

    Hi, Sirak, and welcome to the forum!

    Can Aria and Gigastudio be run at the same time? I expect so, but the easiest thing is to load them both up and try it out. The one that I can promise you is that is won't make smoke come out of the back of your computer (now watch that happen!)

    As for changing the ranges of instruments, with the full Aria player, each instrument is defined by an sfz file. These are completely editable in a text editor. While they look a little intimidating at first, it's not a difficult process, especially for things like extending instrument ranges.

    Since I'm still on Finale 2007, I don't know if the Aria player currently bundled with Finale also uses editable sfz definition files, but I suspect it does. Do a search on your hard drive for *.sfz and include all subfolders (assuming you're using Windows). It will take a while to chew through everything on your drive, but it will turn up the files if they are there.

    Lastly, here are a few links about sfz files:


    Good luck!

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