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Topic: FYI: Film Composition Workshop in Indianapolis

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    FYI: Film Composition Workshop in Indianapolis

    For those who are interested, Marian University in Indianapolis will be holding a composition workshop from April 9-11 (I know, really short notice, but I only just found out about it).

    Information is here: http://www.mubands.com/

    Even if you can't attend (like me: I have a gig that weekend), you might want to have a look at it if you're interested in downloading film clips for practicing film scoring. The website includes links to several short clips from "CSI: Miami" and various other shows.

    Happy scoring!
    Dan Powers

    "It's easier to be a composer than it is to compose."
    --Ray Luke (1928-2010)

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    Re: FYI: Film Composition Workshop in Indianapolis

    Thanks Dan! Fun exercise!
    In theory there is no difference between theory and practice, but in practice there is.

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