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Topic: The hurting inside - your comments?

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    The hurting inside - your comments?

    Hey there -

    Thanks to those who commented and helped me improve my mixing with my last post.

    I have tried to take your great ideas on board and have a new piece I would very much appreciate your feedback on.


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    Re: The hurting inside - your comments?

    Like the composition very much. Very evocative... would make for a good underscoring.

    I felt that the strings and the french horn sounded a bit "programmatic". I struggle with the same thing - especially with strings and have found that it takes a lot of tweaking to get them to sound realistic.

    But that is being totally picky. Good work indeed.

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    Re: The hurting inside - your comments?

    I don't hear any Garritan instruments in this piece except maybe a solo violin, can you list the libraries you used? The woodwinds, brass strings and percussion are not Garritan products.

    The reverb is mono in some places and shouldn't be.

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    Re: The hurting inside - your comments?

    Hey there.

    Lots of Garritan instruments in this piece - all the percussion, winds, brass and piano are Garritan. Actually the solo violin is String Essentials.

    I hadn't noticed the mono reverb - that's a bit worrying as I processed it all in stereo - can you let me know which parts are wrong?

    Thank you for the info.

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    Re: The hurting inside - your comments?

    Hi Reuben, I apologize if I offended you with my post. All too often people post music with "other" expensive libraries and insinuate that the music was made with GPO.

    GPO does not have any strings without vibrato. All the strings in GPO have very heavy vibrato, so when I hear a string sound without any vibrato, it is a dead giveaway that the strings are not from GPO. Same thing with repeated short bows. Even though some of the GPO strings have the option to automatically alternate between up and down bow samples, there is still a very un-natural sound when too many notes repeat. This is where the common "round robin" features come into play. Round robin is a great feature found in most expensive libraries, but not in GPO. So, when I hear many repeated short bow string parts that don't suffer from the machine gun affect, it is a dead giveaway that the short bow strings parts are not from GPO.

    I would like for you to send me a midi file of some of, or all of these parts and the exact Garritan instruments you used for the tracks. This is a very easy way for me to prove to myself that I am wrong. As much as I want to be wrong, most of what I hear is not from GPO.

    Would you mind sending me the woodwinds, strings and harp midi, along with the exact GPO instruments you used?
    If you wish, you can send them to dan at dankury dot com

    The reverb that I mentioned being mono is not completely mono, but is stereo,... but very much "down the center" and is noticeable on the strings particulary.


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    Re: The hurting inside - your comments?

    Hey there.

    Thanks for getting back and explaining some things.

    Sorry but I'm not going to break down the track and send midi files - just too time consuming. It's a shame to be slammed for using a few other instruments from alternative libraries - I didn't realise this thread was for 100% GPO only compositions.

    Why don't we move the thread to the other "Listening Thread" on the main forum? Alternatively feel free to remove it altogether if you'd prefer. After all - I was only hoping for some feedback and I guess I've got it from you - so thank you.

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    Re: The hurting inside - your comments?

    I was not blaming you for using other libraries. I made it known to other listeners that they were not listening to all Garritan sounds.

    I don't think this thread needs to be moved, especially if you want compliments / feedback from people on this part of Northern Sounds forum. If that's the case, you should make it known that most sounds in your recording are not from GPO, but other libraries, and mention specifically what instruments were used from GPO.

    Sending a midi file is very simple, but you choose to not share that file and the list of GPO instruments, I respect that. What I don't respect is the misleading post. We will let others here decide what they are listening to,.... I already know.

    It has been agreed many times that it is acceptable to post music here in THIS listening room created with other libraries, but it is also respectful to others to genuinely inform them of exactly what it is they ARE listening to.

    So, the strings are not Garritan, and some of the woodwinds are not either, personally, I don't believe the harp is Garritan either, it's a moot point now.


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