Time for another! This is a remix of a composition I wrote at the same time as the last one ("A Small Token") and can be considered a kind of companion piece.

Some fun at 0:53 with the horn providing an inverted arch figure with the piano arp'ing a downward figure - little spooky actually. At the bottom, the piano does a "never mind" and comes out smiling! (What can I say, I just go where my muse takes me ). At 1:54 the piano starts another disharmonious rant, only to end the piece with a pleasent gesture (as though to say "never mind" again!).

Piano: Akoustik Piano "Concert Grand D", Stretch Tuned, EQ -5dB @ 446 hz, BW=0.46.
Harpsichord: GPO "Harpsichord KS", Default KS, no processing.
GPO Strings: VLNS 1 KS, VLNS 2 KS, VIOLAS KS CELLOS KS, BASSES KS. Cellos had EQ +5.8 dB @ 728, BQ=0.71 for more character. All others at default KS and no processing.
French Horn: GPO "French Horn 1 Solo KS", default KS, no processing.
Flute: GPO "Flute Solo KS"/ Default KS, no processing.

Altiverb: "Amsterdam Conertgebouw", Center to Stereo rear ominis (5.41 sec), 20% wet. One instance for each instrument.

Master: EQ -2.4 dB @ 150 hz, BW=1.26 to improve clarity.