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Topic: Gigapiano Replacement

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    Gigapiano Replacement

    Hey guys,

    I've been using gigapiano as an intimate piano sample for various applications for years now, but recently I had my gear all stolen, including my GVI dongle. I'm not wanting to go back to GS, so I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions as far as finding an equivalent uber compressed full-modelled sounding piano.

    G-Player doesn't seem to be able to play repeated notes properly, otherwise I would be going that route.


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    Re: Gigapiano Replacement

    If you want a Yamaha(?) I like the K-Sounds "Signature" - this is a C7. I also have the C7 in EWQL Pianos, but I haven't installed it yet. The Signature is very playable (a lot more playable than Gigapiano, IMHO), and if you want a compressed sound you can adjust the velocity to volume within the user interface of the instrument itself.

    Native Instruments are about to release Alicia Keys (Alicia Key's Yamaha C3) - Scarbee was heavily involved in this as I undersand it, so I expect it to be very good.

    Might be worth trying Pianoteq, which as you may know uses physical modelling - not samples. You can easily dial in as much sustain as you like, and it is the most playable of anything.

    In the EWQL Pianos, I have tried the Steinway and Bosendorfer so far. Both of these can easily create quite a close-up intimate, enveloping sound - I like them very much. However, I think the K-Sounds Signature is more playable.

    Greg. (just someone who dinks around at home - not a producer)

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    Re: Gigapiano Replacement

    I forgot the Art Vista Virtual Grand Piano. I don't have it, but the demo recordings are still my favourite demos of all. (very intimate too)

    Folks seem to like the Imperfect Samples instruments for an intimate sound too. (they have an upright and a baby grand)


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    Re: Gigapiano Replacement

    Thanks so much for your detailed replies. I'll have a good look into each of these and post my results. Thanks!

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    Re: Gigapiano Replacement

    You're welcome. I have mentioned but a tiny fraction of what's available, as you can probably imagine.


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