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Topic: The Boxcar Children

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    The Boxcar Children

    Here's the theme I did for a Production of The Boxcar Children at the Des Moines Playhouse.

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    Re: The Boxcar Children

    Very nice theme. Very Americana and Copland-esque.

    We love the Boxcar Children books at our house. Thank you for sharing this with us and good luck with the production.

    Is this going to be a musical or a play with music?

    Steve Winkler

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    Re: The Boxcar Children

    Thank you Steve!

    Not a musical - a "straight" play. However, I did some underscoring. I took my "flip" video camera to a rehearsal and recorded the scenes to be underscored. Then I imported the video into Sonar Pro and did the scoring.

    Great fun!

    The Production closes this weekend and was well received. Sold out for the last two weekends in fact.

    Here's a link to the production if your interested:

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    Senior Member sd cisco's Avatar
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    Re: The Boxcar Children

    I agree with Steve's remarks, except I've never heard of The Boxcar Children until now, but just the title paints a picture in the mind. I liked the feel of this music and I'm sure it was thrilling to have your music as part of the play!
    Thanks for sharing!

    Best regards,
    sd cisco

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    Senior Member Frank D's Avatar
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    Re: The Boxcar Children

    Hi Royce,

    Very nice job with this! I really enjoyed it.

    I can see (hear?) where Swinkler and SD feel the Americana influence, but I also felt this piece was worthy of a Cinema Paradiso comparison as well. I too hadn't heard of this series, but after reading about it tonight, your piece certainly reflects the heart and soul of The Boxcar Children.

    It's a well defined theme with lots of breathing room; no clutter to take away from the line's inherent beauty. Subtle orchestration and excellent use of those pauses between phrases ... they are so often overlooked and truly elevate a piece of music when they are included.

    Wish I could have caught this show! I'm usually out in Iowa once a year, but for obvious reasons, usually not until it's much warmer . I'm sure the production was much enhanced with this beautiful piece.




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    Re: The Boxcar Children

    Thank you for the kind words Frank.

    The Copland Americana feel was intentional given the theme and time frame of the show. I also happen to really love Copeland's work from the 30s and 40's. In fact my working project name in Sonar was "with apologies to aaron copland". Well, as they say" "Steal from the best!"

    Again, thanks for your feedback.


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