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Topic: EWQL and Sibelius 6 Play back issues

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    EWQL and Sibelius 6 Play back issues

    Hello any EWQL user and Sibelius users!

    I just purchased the Sibelius 6 update and super keen to integrate this with my EWQL Platinum library (which I run on two separate DAWs (PC) but my Sibelius I run from my Mac OSX.

    My question is how do I get my EWQL library (Kontakt 2 edition) to work with Sib 6? I have read a lot of threads on the (PLAY) success of this but not much with Kontakt. Any advice? I would like to have a least access to 64 voices, and 4 instances loaded ready for use.

    Also, as another side question, I would ultimately like to send MIDI files from my Pro Tools session (7.4) to Sibelius for orchestral scoring but I am finding it still rather a mess. Would there be any advantages from a Sibelius point of view if I upgraded to Pro Tools 8?

    Thanks so much in advance for any advice on these matters..


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    Re: EWQL and Sibelius 6 Play back issues

    Sound Sets for the original edition in Kontakt 2 or Kontakt 3 are available here: http://soundsets.jonathanloving.com

    Note these are not compatible with the Kompakt engine that shipped with EWQLSO. To use them with Kompakt you'll need to change the sound set type using the Sibelius provided Sound Set Editor.

    I do not provide support for these sound sets used in Kompakt.


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