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Topic: Lead Guitar on Keyboard - Intervals ?

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    Lead Guitar on Keyboard - Intervals ?


    As a keyboard/piano player, i'm looking for any informations to learn what intervals (at the same time) I can play. In a better world, I would like to learn how to play some basic chords. I'm looking for the logic behind that in fact.

    I use Musiclab RealStrat and RealLPC on a Roland AX-Synth to have a feeling.

    Thanks !
    Mathieu Laprise

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    Re: Lead Guitar on Keyboard - Intervals ?

    Well, guitar strings on a 6-string are generally laid out from lowest pitch to highest pitch as E, A, D, G, B, and E again. I dont think there are any real limitations as to playing scales. A lot of power chords are arranged as root-fifth-octave. You best bet is to pick up a cheap guitar and a chord book for it. Even if you cant play it well, you'll learn a lot from strumming around. It's also amazing, I might add, to escape the digital world of triggering samples and to actually produce a truly acoustic sound organically, even if it's then processed or amplified. Hope this helps a bit.

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